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13 September 2018

REIWA reveals Perth’s top 10 fastest-selling suburbs

REIWA has revealed Perth’s 10 fastest-selling suburbs for the 12 months to July 2018. At the same time last year the western suburbs dominated the rankings with eight suburbs in the top 10. Only three of these suburbs have retained a placing, with the no... more >>
05 September 2018

Perth rental market improves in August

The Perth rental market continues to show promising signs of improvement, with the vacancy rate falling to 4.5 per cent in August - the lowest it’s been since April 2015.    REIWA President Hayden Groves said the Perth rental market had show... more >>
20 July 2018

Perth houses most affordable on record

The Perth property market is at its most affordable on record as falling prices and slowly rising wages give potential buyers their best chance of securing a home. Housing Industry Association figures show Perth housing is also the most affordable among the nati... more >>
25 June 2018

Perth housing recovery still years away

Perth's housing market decline looks to be slowing, but it will be a long, slow grind before it recovers from a post-mining boom slump, according to experts. Industry analyst and economic forecaster BIS Oxford Economics' recent report points to an overal... more >>
05 April 2018

Home buyers borrowing capacity to be cut by 35%

Homebuyers could see their capacity to borrow cut by up to 40 per cent as a result of reforms likely to be driven by the banking royal commission. Research from investment bank UBS found the expected tightening of lending standards and raising of living expense benc... more >>
23 February 2018

Worst over for Perth rental market, REIWA says

After three years of challenging conditions in Perth’s rental market, conditions have stabilised and the outlook looks positive, new REIWA data shows. REIWA president Hayden Groves said that results for the December 2017 quarter suggested that Perth&r... more >>
06 February 2018

Days of Boomer and Generation Xers property price rises over

Home values have plunged by up to 25 per cent in real terms across five of Australia's eight capital cities in the past decade, with Perth values most savagely hit, new data has revealed.   A report by analysts CoreLogic applied the latest Consumer Price I... more >>
05 December 2017

‘It’s disturbing’: One in seven homeowners with a mortgage have no buffer saved

One in seven homeowners would be unable to meet mortgage repayments if they were to lose their job, according a survey of homeowners. The survey by Canstar revealed that 43 per cent of borrowers have fewer than three months’ worth of repayments saved to cope w... more >>
02 December 2017

Mum and dad investors have Australia teetering on the edge of a housing crash, report warns

Australia is at growing risk of a home price crash because of the high number of mum and dad property investors, inflated prices, record household debt and an economy that appears to be losing momentum, a new report says.   Local hedge fund Watermark... more >>
24 November 2017

Australia faces twice the housing hangover of the USA

The party is finally winding down for Australia’s housing market. How severe the hangover is will determine the economy’s fate for years to come. After five years of surging prices, the market value of the nation’s homes has ballooned to $7.... more >>
09 November 2017

Buying and selling WA property 'could cost more' if mandatory e-conveyancing introduced

It may soon cost more to buy and sell property in Western Australia, as the McGowan Government pushes to mandate electronic lodgement of documents for transactions.   The decision means traditional paper-based property transfers are set to be replaced by an el... more >>
07 November 2017

While Some Perth Suburbs are Battling After the Boom, Others are Thriving

While some Perth suburbs are struggling to attract residents, businesses and customers to their neighbourhood post mining boom, other areas are thriving, creating vibrant communities of their own. University of Western Australian urban and regional planning expert P... more >>
30 October 2017

Off Market Sales - What are they and are they worth considering?

Off Market Sale, Secret Listing, Quiet Listing, Pocket Listing, these are all terms to describe a property that is on the market for sale or has already been sold without any of the usual public advertising and marketing campaigns. By means of the increased use of in... more >>
02 October 2017

Perth House Price Drop Coming to an End, Sydney Stalls

The slide in Perth house prices is continuing but showing signs of finally coming to an end as concerns grow the Sydney market has stalled. Figures from CoreLogic, released this morning, shows values of Perth houses fell by 0.1 per cent through September. Over the ... more >>
01 September 2017

5 Not so Obvious Tax Claims for Investment Properties

BMT Tax Depreciation has compiled a list of five uncommon items that property investors can claim tax deductions for. 1. Bathroom accessories Bradley Beer, CEO of... more >>
14 August 2017

Housing Wealth is Uncertain, but Mortgage Debt is Very Real

Perhaps unsurprisingly, little attention was paid to what the boss of Australia's biggest bank had to say about its latest results beyond the money laundering scandal it's embroiled in. But a thoughtful response by Ian Narev to the final question in last wee... more >>
04 August 2017

What Constitutes a Relevant Market Update?

We are all currently seeing an above average number of media articles within our daily news feed, speculating about the varying state of the real estate market and ... more >>

14 July 2017

CRE Reveal the 10 Biggest Issues Affecting Real Estate

The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) recently released a list of their top 10 issues affecting real estate in 2017-18. The list was compiled by over 1,000 CRE members from around the world, who undertook extensive research and collaborative dialogue on current is... more >>
07 July 2017

Developement Considerations in the City of Joondalup

With the City of Joondalup, along with some other local authorities, issuing possible housing strategy implementations and changes in zoning over the past 12 months, we are finding a lot of interest from home owners on suitably sized blocks who are looking to take ad... more >>
23 June 2017

Sellers Take Record Hit in Perth Housing Slump

A record number of Perth homes are being sold for a loss, new sales figures show. A report from property analyst CoreLogic shows sellers are the big losers in Perth's property slump with one in five houses and more than a third of all units sold during ... more >>
06 June 2017

RBA Leaves Cash Rate on Hold in June

The Reserve Bank has left the official cash rate on hold for its ninth meeting in a row, amid growing signs the property market has peaked.   The cash rate hasn’t moved from its record low of 1.5 per cent since August 2016, following an earlier cut to 1.... more >>
24 April 2017

Australia in a ‘Property Bubble’, Majority of Experts Warn

Australians are living beyond their means and overcapitalising on property purchases as the country remains in a ‘property bubble’, legal and conveyancing professionals have warned. Sixty-seven per cent of conveyancers and property lawyers ... more >>
18 April 2017

Peter Van Onselen: Change of Gear Would Hurt WA most

Make no mistake, if Labor wins federal office and legislates its changes to negative gearing it will crush the already fragile West Australian housing market.   Since the mining boom ended, property prices have come off significantly. Equally, once-pricey rent... more >>
15 March 2017

Investors Warned to Brace for up to 3pc in Mortgage Interest Rate Rises

Real estate investors stand to be hardest hit as banks reprice mortgages to meet tougher regulatory requirements, according to a new report.   JP Morgan's Australian Mortgage Industry Report surveyed 52,000 households and identified that around 10 per cent... more >>
15 March 2017

1 in 3 Mortgage Holders Fret About the Future

New research reveals 36 per cent of Australian mortgage holders are concerned about their job security against a backdrop of Australia’s housing affordability issues, a budget deficit and other economic uncertainties. The survey commissioned by ALI Gr... more >>
15 February 2017

Are Australian households on the edge of a debt crisis?

You know that feeling when you lose your wallet? You feel it in your gut, and in your chest, and the back of your throat. You're in a state of stress. The reason we feel so much stress is that we need money to live, and when you don't have control over your... more >>
08 February 2017

Millennial survey shows youth feeling aggrieved, frustrated by the way country is being run

So much for youthful optimism. A lack of full-time job prospects and an increasingly tense world has left a generation of Australia's young people feeling bleak about their future. The new Deloitte 2017 Millennial Survey shows the youth of Australia are feeling... more >>
25 January 2017

Real estate: Housing outlook moderate to grim, according to experts and property industry

Millions of Australians have profited from the mantra that house prices only ever go up. But is that shibboleth about to be demolished? Certainly, most of the experts the ABC has spoken to are not expecting the kind of double-digit price growth in 2017 that Sydn... more >>
28 December 2016

“Benign” Property Growth Expected for 2017

Prospects for capital city housing markets in 2017 are mixed with Sydney and Melbourne continuing to shoot ahead while activity in the other capitals remains “relatively benign,” says one leading economist In an article on Domain, the site&rsquo... more >>
22 December 2016

Young woman’s investment property trashed after tenant throws wild party

A young woman’s investment property has been trashed after the tenants threw a huge party that attracted about 200 teenagers. more >>
14 October 2016

Has Monopoly forecast a new GFC?

There is a big storm brewing for house prices and the global economy. The best way to look at it is by thinking about the board game Monopoly. At the beginning of a game, people can’t always afford to buy the properties they land on. Mayfair looks pretty expen... more >>
28 September 2016

Mining Town Karratha has Turned the Corner

Property prices in Karratha have fallen 59.7% in the last three years, but lower prices and a more buoyant economy are generating solid sales and injecting life back into the mining town. Data shows property prices in mining town Karratha remain in d... more >>
14 September 2016

Is it a myth that Perth property prices will double every 10 years?

Anyone with an interest in real estate is sure to have heard this before “property values double every ten years’’.   Is that true or is it just one of the great real estate myths?   While in past decades that phrase may have rung true... more >>
26 August 2016

Fastest Way to Save a Home Deposit

Cash strapped first-home buyers are resorting to moving back in with their parents to fast track their ability to save for their own home.   One in four entry-level buyers are using their parents as a way to make their property dream come true, new s... more >>
03 August 2016

Selling Homes Faster, and for More Profit!

As professional Real Estate agents we often comes across people wanting to sell their principal residence with the hope of maximising the sale price, while minimising the number of days on the market, in order for them to achieve their next property goal. To achieve ... more >>
12 July 2016

Decline in House Rents Largest on Record

Rental rates are continuing to fall across the combined capitals despite annual growth in some markets, new figures show. A report from CoreLogic revealed that rental growth for houses and units are at its slowest pace on record. Darwin recorded the biggest decreas... more >>
11 July 2016

REIWA Welcomes Re-Election of Coalition Government

Following an extensive campaign in support of negative gearing being retained in its current form, REIWA congratulates the Turnbull Government on being returned to power. REIWA Deputy President Damian Collins said the outcome will provide stability for the property ... more >>
23 June 2016

Home Loan Fixed Rates Plummet

Home loan customers are being offered unprecedented five-year fixed rate deals signalling rates will stay low for some time yet, experts say. The Reserve Bank of Australia kept the cash rate at 1.75 per cent this month but that hasn’t stopped lenders f... more >>
07 May 2016

Perth Property Market Remains Stable

Perth first home buyers are making the most of the opportunity that the current real estate market presents, with the latest figures for the March 2016 quarter showing almost half the total sale transactions were less than $420,000. REIWA President Hayden Groves... more >>
21 April 2016

REIWA News Rental Market Update

According to recent population data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australia's population grew by 1.35% during the year to 2015.   Australia's population growth rate continued to slow to record the smallest growth sin... more >>
14 April 2016

Auctions Achieve Faster Results for Perth Sellers

Perth sellers looking for a fast sale for their property should look to auctions, with new reiwa.com data revealing that auctions in the metropolitan region achieve quicker sales. REIWA President Hayden Groves said although the percentage of Perth vendors choosing t... more >>
12 April 2016

Renovations Giving Sellers an Edge in Quiet Perth Property Market

Picky buyers and a surge in Perth property listings are driving more people to renovate before they sell.   Data from tradie finder website homeimprovementpages.com.au, or hipages, shows tradie jobs have jumped more than 100 per cent in some of Perth’s m... more >>
07 April 2016

Perth House Prices Steady and Sales Activity Up

Perth’s median house price remained stable in March while reported sales activity in the metropolitan region increased 15 per cent over the quarter. REIWA President Hayden Groves said the latest reiwa.com data showed Perth’s median house price for th... more >>
30 March 2016

Perth's Most Affordable Rental Suburbs

Perth tenants looking for a great rental deal should look to suburbs like Wembley, Armadale and Kelmscott after they topped reiwa.com’s list of the most affordable suburbs to rent in for the three months to February 2016. REIWA President Hayden Groves said... more >>
15 February 2016

Signs of Improvement in Areas of Perth's Tough Rental Market

Perth’s rental market continued to feel the impact of slowing migration trends in the 2015 December quarter, but reiwa.com data shows that a number of sub-regions across the metropolitan area bucked the trend to record stable or positive rent price growth. REI... more >>
27 January 2016

Has the ‘Great Australian Dream’ Changed in WA?

The Great Australian Dream is a notion that’s been around for decades and refers to the ideal of home ownership. Think a quarter acre block, white picket fence and kids playing together on the street. These days, the dream is starting to look quite different a... more >>
20 January 2016

Tech Savvy Tenants Changing Rental Landscape

A recent study by Optus and McCrindle found that renters make up 30 per cent of Australia’s property landscape and that tenants are becoming increasingly tech savvy with technology completely underpinning their lifestyle. Co-Chair of REIWA’s Property Man... more >>
17 December 2015

Tough Times: WA Home Owners Top National Mortgage Default List

Western Australia now leads the nation on mortgage defaults, with more than three per cent of the market in arrears or worse, according to Reserve Bank figures. In an address to a conference in Sydney on Wednesday, RBA assistant governor Guy Debelle discussed credit... more >>
04 December 2015

Perth Housing Most Affordable in 13 Years

Housing affordability has further improved in Perth with the latest preliminary reiwa.com data showing that Perth’s median house price is at $535,000 for the three months to 30 November. REIWA President Hayden Groves said the median house price was consistent ... more >>
17 November 2015

Housing Affordability Continues to Improve for Perth Tenants

Housing affordability continues to improve for Perth tenants, with the latest REIWA analysis showing that rent prices in the metropolitan region fell again in the three months to September. REIWA Deputy President Damian Collins said Perth’s overall median ... more >>
04 November 2015

How to Make Your Investment Property Stand Out to Tenants

With rental listings in Perth hovering above the long term average right now, competition to secure tenants has increased.  So what can you do to make your rental property stand out in this market?  We spoke with Co-Chair of REIWA’s Property Managem... more >>
06 August 2015

Quarterly Data Suggests Favourable Interest Rate Outlook

According to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), the 2015 June quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures support the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) July assessment that inflationary pressures are well contained and likely to remain this way. &nb... more >>
15 July 2015

Negative Gearing Not the Issue in Housing Debate

REIWA President David Airey has called for a wider and more mature debate around property tax reform, and specifically the role negative gearing plays in the provision of rental housing. The Reserve Bank of Australia has recently expressed concern abou... more >>
15 April 2015

Tax Payers Fork Out as Investors Fill Pockets

Almost 30,000 people have five or more homes negatively geared for tax offsets, costing the nation up to $5 billion a year in lost revenue.   ATO figures show 15,264 landlords own at least six investment properties, which they claim run at a loss. Another 14,5... more >>
08 April 2015

WA Home Owners are Moving House Less Frequently

New analysis from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia shows that Western Australians are moving house less frequently than they used to.  A comparison of figures between the periods of 1990-91 and 2013-14, showed that as dwelling stock across ... more >>
24 September 2014

Perth Rental Market Steady

Perth's housing market has remained steady in August with the median house price and rent showing no movement since the previous month. Data for August from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) shows the rental market is stabilising, with the m... more >>
17 September 2014

Why it's a Good Time to Buy an Investment Property in Perth

In many respects, Western Australia has the strongest economy in the country – but what does this mean for property investors looking for long-term capital gains?  Western Australia has the strongest economy in Australia and you would think as a ... more >>
13 September 2014

Perth's Suburbs Hotspots Unveiled

(Pictured) Tarryn Hunt, who recently bought a three-bedroom duplex in Craigie. Craigie and Coolbellup are the two suburbs where a home is most likely to sell for more than its listing price.  An Aussie/RP Data report found 40.9 per cent of houses and 37.8 per ... more >>
08 May 2014

Stamp Duty Concession Lowered to $430,000 in Another Blow to First Homebuyers

FIRST homebuyers of established properties have been hit in the Budget, with the stamp duty levy threshold lowered from $500,000 to $430,000. Stamp duty is not levied in WA on the first $500,000 spent on a first home purchase, but that threshold will now drop to $43... more >>
17 April 2014

Property Sales Leap Ahead

Transaction levels are on the way up throughout the country. Good news for those wanting to sell - property transaction numbers are on the increase. Coming off the back of a period when too many properties were on the market most states are now showing increase... more >>
14 April 2014

The Real Cost of Buying vs. Renting

MOST high-income earners think that renting is for those who are worse off financially and that owning your home is not only a mark of success, but it is a better long-term financial decision. Everyone knows rent is dead money, right? But what if this long-held ... more >>
04 April 2014

Budget Threat for First Home Buyers

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has warned the State Treasurer against scrapping the stamp duty exemption for first home buyers in the May budget. REIWA President David Airey, said pressure on the government to cut costs and raise revenue ... more >>
27 February 2014

New Perth Vacancy Rate a Win for Renters

Perth’s rental vacancy rate jumped to its highest level in four years for the three months to January — and renters are reaping the benefits. The vacancy rate for the Perth metropolitan area rose to 3.8 per cent in November, December and January, up from ... more >>
11 February 2014

Total Australian Property Worth $5 Trillion as of December

New data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today showed the total value of residential property in Australia hit five trillion dollars for the first time in the December quarter. The statistics show the value of residential properties rose to $5.02 tril... more >>
22 January 2014

Fitch Flags More First-Home Buyer Strife

Ratings agency Fitch has flagged further housing affordability pressure as record low interest rates and below-average supply continue to fuel Australia’s booming property market in 2014, albeit at a slower pace than last year. In its Global Housing and Mortga... more >>
12 December 2013

Rents Fall as More Opt to Buy Homes

Perth's rental crisis is over with listings up almost 80 per cent in the past 12 months. Real Estate Institute of WA figures show listings rose 18 per cent in the past six weeks to 4578 homes available last week compared with about 2600 last year. REIWA pr... more >>
22 October 2013

Perth Land Costs Surge to Highest in Nation

Prospective Perth homeowners are paying the highest price for a square metre of land in the country - but ending up with smaller blocks.Housing Industry Association figures showed a square metre of land in Perth cost $563 in the three months to the end of June.For th... more >>
07 October 2013

Perth House Prices to Jump Again

Perth house prices are tipped to rise in coming months despite analysts warning the Reserve Bank will have to consider more rate cuts next year to prop up the economy. RP Data analysis suggests current sharp increases in prices in Sydney and Melbourne will be fo... more >>
05 October 2013

Spring Gives Home Sales a Bounce

Perth property agents have reported strong interest and quick sales as buyers embrace spring. Real Estate Institute of WA president David Airey said 2001 properties sold in September, up 13 per cent on the month last year. "Consumer confidence is better a... more >>
17 September 2013

Five Reasons Why First Time Buyers Should Buy Now

First time buyer activity has been a bit subdued over the past twelve months with the ABS reporting a sustained decline in activity since September 2012. For the month of July this year first time buyers accounted for only 14.7% of all dwellings financed, well dow... more >>
09 September 2013

Finance Data Shows Housing Market Improving

Home loans approvals have risen for the seventh month in a row, and the housing sector is expected to strengthen further in the coming months.   The number of home loans approved in July rose 2.4 per cent, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said, which was be... more >>
02 September 2013

House Prices Fall After Sales Rush

A rush of first-homebuyers in the past three months has triggered a dip in Perth's median house price, figures to be released today suggest. The Real Estate Institute of WA's monthly snapshot for last month also revealed a 9 per cent rise in rental vacan... more >>
02 September 2013

Agents Push for Auctions Overhaul

The real estate industry wants auctions to be made easier for homebuyers, saying strict conditions are driving up WA property prices. Agents are pushing for a cooling-off period after the winning bid is made to bring WA in line with the Eastern States. The numbe... more >>
29 August 2013

Perth Home Affordability Best in Years

Perth property is more affordable than it has been at any time in the past decade, the Housing Industry Association says. The HIA said rising wages and falling interest rates have helped offset increasing house prices, making properties as affordable now as they... more >>
07 August 2013

Changes to R-Codes

The R-Codes provide a comprehensive basis for the control of residential development throughout Western Australia. Amendments to Residential Design Codes came into effect on 2nd August 2013. The WA Planning Commission has published revised explanatory guidelines, a... more >>
06 August 2013

Perth Leads House Price Revival

Perth house prices are climbing at their fastest rate in three years, new figures show, with the Reserve Bank set to make it even easier to buy into the property market. The Australian Bureau of Statistics today reported that the house price index for Perth clim... more >>
02 August 2013

Rate Cuts Push Housing Recovery

Perth’s property market resurgence is continuing, with house values across the city jumping by 1.6 per cent through July. In a clear sign that low interest rates are supporting the property market, RP Data-Rismark reported this morning that Perth house val... more >>
16 July 2013

Agents Slam Plan to Dumb-Cown Profession

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has expressed great disappointment that the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), appears determined to water-down professional standards within the real estate industry. The COAG National Licensing Steering Committ... more >>
05 July 2013

Property Market on the Climb

Home approvals across Perth have almost doubled in less than a year as evidence mounts that low interest rates have kick-started a nationwide lift in the property market. On top of relatively muted price rises and improving housing affordability, figures from th... more >>
01 July 2013

Perth Leads in House Price Lift

The Perth house market has reclaimed its mantle as the nation's best with new figures showing prices picking up speed. RP Data-Rismark reported this morning that house values across the city lifted by 1.8 per cent in June to be 6.3 per cent up through the 20... more >>
03 June 2013

Perth 'Strongest Housing Market in Nation'

The Perth property market has defied a nationwide fall through May with values climbing on the back of falling interest rates. RP Data-Rismark's measure of home values across the nation showed Perth prices were up by one per cent. The value of homes in the... more >>
03 June 2013

'Granny Flat' Rules go in Rent Squeeze

Home owners will be allowed to rent out backyard granny flats or "Fonzie" flats, built above garages, from August 2 under changes Planning Minister John Day hopes will address Perth's rental squeeze. In the second State Government announcement in a... more >>
08 May 2013

Fears Perth Property Prices Will Overheat

WA homeowners have reason to welcome yesterday's interest rate cut but opinions are divided on whether the move will put further pressure on Perth's housing market and push prices higher. Industry figures welcomed both the Reserve Bank's 25 basis poi... more >>
08 May 2013

Perth House Market Leads Nation

Perth’s property market is leading the country with prices jumping 1.2 per cent through the first three months of the year. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported today that overall established house prices rose by 0.1 per cent through the March ... more >>
20 April 2013

Panic Buying Trap for Home Hunters

Real estate industry experts are cautioning homebuyers against paying "tomorrow's prices" in fear of missing out or being priced out of Perth's rebounding property market. Janey Anderson, of Propell National Valuers, said "panic buying&quo... more >>
15 April 2013

Perth Rentals Dearer & Hard to Find

Perth rents have continued to rise, with the latest Real Estate Institute of WA figures revealing an overall median rent jump of almost 12 per cent on the same time last year to $470 a week. The 4.4 per cent rise for the March quarter means the median weekly ren... more >>
13 April 2013

Door Open for Quick Home Sales

Homebuyers looking for a house in the City of Joondalup’s southern suburbs are facing one of the most competitive markets in WA. Real Estate Institute of WA figures show that properties for sale in Joondalup south are snapped up faster than anywhere else i... more >>
02 April 2013

Perth Median Property Price Soars

Perth property prices have set a record, with the median house price hitting $510,000. It tops the previous record of $505,000 set in 2010. But experts poured cold water on expectations of a new housing boom, saying the pace of recent gains may not be sustaina... more >>
18 March 2013

Perth House Price Hits $500K

Perth property prices are on track to return to a record high, with the median house price hitting $500,000. The median price, based on data from the Real Estate Institute of WA and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, suggests West Australians have shrugged of... more >>
07 March 2013

First-Time WA Buyers Lift Market

First-homebuyers in WA are flocking to the property market in droves and borrowing more than their Eastern States counterparts to do it, according to a new national housing snapshot. The Real Estate Institute of Australia's housing affordability report shows... more >>
12 February 2013

Home Sale Con Artists Strike Again

Criminals in Africa have tried to sell another two Perth homes without the owners' knowledge - taking the number of attempted property frauds reported to authorities since 2008 to seven.The latest separate cons involving properties in the northern and southern suburb... more >>
04 February 2013

Millionaire Tips Perth Housing Boom

Perth house prices could jump 15 per cent this year, says one of Queensland's richest men.Kevin Young, whose wealth has been estimated at more than $100 million, has tipped two years of double-digit growth in some areas - 15 per cent this year and 22 per cent next ye... more >>
21 January 2013

4 Renovation Trends for 2013

Wedges and peplum tops may be on the way out, but low maintenance living spaces and multi-purpose rooms are still all the rage. Renovation trends typically stick around for much longer than looks in fashion, so it’s not surprising that we’re seeing simil... more >>
18 January 2013

Prepping for Home Opens with the Kids

Having small children or even teenagers roaming around while preparing your home for sale adds another level of complexity.  For many of my clients, the thought of preparing their home for sale with kids under their feet feels an insurmountable task.Many ask how... more >>
17 January 2013

Perth House Rents Set to Soar

Perth's median house rent increased $70 a week last year and is forecast to rocket this year as an extra 1500 people pour in to WA every week. An Australian Property Monitors report reveals Perth had the highest rental growth of all capital cities last year,... more >>
08 January 2013

Fixed Rates Losing Popularity

2012 interest rate cuts and whispers of more to come are spurring four out of five new loan applicants to opt for variable rather than fixed loans. National broker Mortgage Choice has released its latest home loan figures, and they show variable loans on the rise an... more >>
22 November 2012

The Benefits of Using a Property Manager

If you own an investment property and rent it to tenants, you can run this business yourself or hire a property manager to do it. And that’s how you should regard this situation; it’s running a business. In Western Australia, around 60 per cent of in... more >>
20 November 2012

Anger Over New Rental Laws

Every rental property in WA will have to meet tougher new standards for doors and window locks under a State Government plan criticised by the real estate industry for adding unnecessary red tape to drive up tenants' costs.Under changes to the Residential Tenancies A... more >>
20 November 2012

Property Scammers Confuse Buyers

Scammers posing as the owners of a Perth townhouse on the market for $979,000 tried to con thousands of dollars out of prospective tenants by listing it as available to rent on a free classifieds website.The scammers - who claimed to be doctors moving to Tasmania - i... more >>
14 November 2012

RBA Cuts Reflected in Consumer Sentiment

Australians are beginning to respond to interest rate cuts earlier in the year, with consumer sentiment surging to its highest point in 19 months. And another rate cut could be on its way in December.The Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment for Nov... more >>
30 October 2012

Home Sales Down 3.7% in September

Home sales have dropped for a third consecutive month to their lowest level in at least 18 years.The Housing Industry Association (HIA) new home sales report for September showed a drop of 3.7 per cent in the month, after a decline of 5.3 per cent in August.Detached ... more >>
15 August 2012

Perth Rents Rise Again in July

Rents in metropolitan Perth have climbed further in the three months to July, up by $10 per week from June to a median of $440 per week. The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia says this breaks down to a median of $450 per week for a house and $420 per we... more >>
25 June 2012

Storm Damage Issues for Buyers & Tenants

The southwest coast of our big state has certainly taken a battering in recent weeks, with a once-in-a-decade storm sweeping across most of metropolitan Perth and Mandurah and  causing significant damage to property and fencing.    In many instanc... more >>
22 June 2012

Why One-bedroom Apartments are Better

David McRae calls one-bedroom apartments “the gold bar investment”. But the Melbourne valuer and buyer’s advocate isn’t simply attracted to one-bedroom units because one- and two-person households are now Australia’s fastest-growing h... more >>
29 May 2012

Tax Depreciation Reports

Are you or your accountant claiming the full extent of your depreciation entitlements? Would you like to greatly increase the tax effectiveness of your investment properties. With the end of financial year approaching fast, now is the ideal time to maximise the ... more >>
13 April 2012

First Ensure It's All Working

Even experienced buyers can get to check whether all the mechanical equipment on a property works properly before they buy it, Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) president David Airey says. “Buyers should do a thorough check of mechanical and operating systems... more >>
11 April 2012

WA Home Loan Approvals Rise in February

The number of West Aussies taking out home loans in February hit a 27-month high, but it's the national fall that may prompt the central bank to cut rates next month, economists say. Australian Bureau of Statistics data, released today, showed the number of home loan... more >>
29 February 2012

REIWA Boss Blasts 'Scared' Baby Boomers

DON'T SELL: Real Estate Institute of WA president David Airey has warned Baby Boomers against selling their investment properties because they may be scared of the outlook for the local property market. He says many of them are favouring the security of cash over ren... more >>
20 February 2012

Perth Renters Offer More Money to Secure Lease

Property agents have warned people fighting to secure a roof over their heads in Perth's booming rental market to be well armed with both cash and credentials.As Perth's rental vacancy rates fall to levels not seen since before the 2008 global financial crisis, despe... more >>
01 February 2012

Have Rents Gone Up?

It was reported in The West Australian in January that rents in Perth had increased by $20 over the December quarter.This REIWA data was not reported accurately.Whilst our data show that rents for Houses in the metropolitan area did increase by $20 to a med... more >>
01 February 2012

Pet Icon for Rental Listings

The reiwa.com website has just become the first real estate portal in Australia that clearly shows when a rental property will allow pets.The new 'paw print' icon appears alongside the icons for number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking bays on a listing.Prospective ... more >>
29 August 2011

Property managers tips for landlords

Rent.com.au conducted a national survey of renters in June 2011. The following results indicate there is opportunity for landlords to take into account these findings when considering the lease conditions for their rental property.Australian renters are seeking great... more >>
26 August 2011

Top time to buy as housing costs fall

Perth homes are at their most affordable in almost two years on the back of falling prices, stable interest rates and higher wages.The Housing Industry Association and Commonwealth Bank measure of affordability improved 3 per cent across Perth and 0.8 per cent nation... more >>
15 June 2011

Pet Bond Update

The Regulations made pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act have been amended since June 1st 2011 so that the maximum ‘pet bond’ is $260.  Owners, with an existing tenancy, through their property manager cannot automatically increase the pet ... more >>
15 June 2011

REIWA Slams Landgate Price Hike

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has slammed the decision by Landgate to increase the cost of title searches on properties by 26 per cent. REIWA President Alan Bourke said the jump of $5 per search may seem modest, but would impact on agents who de... more >>
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